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Референция Описание Загрузить
ЗАО "АФЗ" Поставка оборудования для целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности Загрузить
ОАО "ФОРТУМ" Поставка кранов турбинного зала для строительства электростанции Загрузить
ОАО «ВМЗ» Приведение кранов в соответствие с новыми требованиями Загрузить
OAO "VMZ" The cranes are brough in accordance with new requirements Загрузить
Группа "Илим", Коряжма Оборудование для целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности Загрузить
ОАО «НЛЭ» Сотрудничество с компанией - лидером по количеству грузооборота контейнеров Загрузить
OAO “NLE” Cooperation with the company leading in number of handled containers Загрузить
ОАО "КТК" Наличие надежного оборудования - необходимое условие для компании Загрузить
ОАО "Славнефть-ЯНОС" Техническое обслуживание на взрывобезопасных и газоопасных объектах Загрузить
ООО "ЕвроХим" Решение проблем с геологической обстановкой. Поставка кранов для ГОКа Загрузить
ООО "ВИЛО РУС" Поставка кранов для строительства первого завода концерна WILO SE в России Загрузить
ООО "ГУСАР" Поставка оборудования для компании- лидера в отрасли арматуростроения Загрузить
ЗАО «Ренессанс Констракшн» Использование кранов SMARTON и SMART CXT для решения проблем с точностью сборки турбин и строительства агрегата аммиака Загрузить
ZAO «Renaissance Construction» Usage of SMARTON and SMART CXT cranes for solving of issues with assembling accuracy Загрузить
Olen Betong Поставка и монтаж кранов для нового производства бетонных изделий в г.Мурманск Загрузить
Bosch Cотрудничество с компанией Bosch Загрузить
Bosch Cooperation with Bosch company Загрузить
Joy Global Оборудование для угольной промышленности Загрузить


Название Description Загрузить
A Leading a ero-structure Manufacturer

Konecranes MTS diagnosed and fixed a long-standing problem, reducing processing time by 60 % and saving $300K per year

A Leading Mining Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of gypsum wallboard operates a quarry in North America.

A leading Steel Manufacture

A leading steel manufacturer in the Midwest specializes in hot and cold rolled steel, carbon steel melting, and steel castings. Electronic roll grinders are used to grind the large steel rolls that form, press and finish hot and cold rolled steel.

A Midwest Diesel Engine Manufacturer

By collaborating with Konecranes and sharing expertise, the annual cost per unit has decreased 50% from 2005-2009 with no additional downtime.

A Mining Equipment Manufacturer

A Mining Machinery Company

A Southern Manufacturing company

A Southern manufacturing company develops specialized equipment for the oil and gas industry. Each of their 16 25-ton overhead cranes is essential to meeting the high production needs of the facility.

A Southern Manufacturing company

A Southern manufacturing company develops specialized equipment for the oil and gas industry. Each of their 16 25-ton overhead cranes is essential to meeting the high production needs of the facility.

A Weld Tool c enter

Out of several competing offers, Konecranes stood out as the clear choice to be the sole provider for crane maintenance. The company has outsourced 100% of their crane work to Konecranes.

A. Reponen Ltd.

Ace Container Terminal

A long-lasting customer relationship and high quality products equipped with the latest technology were the key reasons why Sri Lanka’s biggest inland container depot, Ace Container Terminal, ordered two Koncecranes lift trucks at the end of 2014.

Alaskan Copper & Brass

Alaskan Copper & Brass Co. was moving a large part of its operation from Seattle and Renton to a facility in Kent, Wash.

Alperton Ltd

Alperton (UK) Ltd are a division of a group of companies which operate in Libya. They work to support the activities of thier other divisions operating in the group, such as Alperton Ltd and 1st Engineering.

An Integrated aluminum Facility

An integrated aluminum and smelting facility, located on the East Coast, is one of the longest continually operating aluminum facilities in the world.

An Underground Mining Equipment Manufacturer

ATA Gears

Az ARTG esete

Big in Brazil

Port Cranes - Shipyard Cranes Estaleiro Atlântico Sul shipyard, Brazil - Big in Brazil

BILK Kombiterminal Co. Plc.

The BILK Kombiterminal Co. Plc. was opened on november 17, 2003. the company contracted with konecranes in order to get cranes that would meet customer requirements and provide suitable performance during the operation.


Cooperation with Bosch company


Сотрудничество с компанией Bosch

Brithinee Electric

Brithinee Electric in Colton, California specializes in the repair of industrial electric motors and wind generators.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF)

Cranes dot the Grand Harbor of Seattle. This is the container ship harbor of Washington State, a link between the United States and Asia.

Cooperation with Bosch company

Customer Story, Savannah

"There’s a high level of satisfaction and pride in what we’re able to do and accomplish."